Mad Men Season Five's Best Musical Moments

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Don Draper Listens to the Beatles

In the episode "Lady Lazarus," Don and Megan's co-existence gets a little tougher. Megan decides she's going to leave Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce in order to pursue her acting career, and Don isn't crazy about the decision. Toward the end of the episode, just as Megan is about to leave for her acting class, Megan gives Don a gift: a Beatles record, Revolver. What follows is one of the better musical montages of the season, something the show always does really well. An interesting side note: Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner paid $250,000 in licensing fees to use the album.

Don and Glen Go for a Drive

Don Draper can be kind of a dick sometimes. Okay, often. But he can get away with it because he's really, really good-looking. Every once in awhile, though, Don will try and do the right thing. Sadly, it seems like everytime he does it backfires on him. There isn't a better example of this then when Don finds out that Lane Pryce is embezzling funds from the company. He tries to do the decent thing by letting Lane resign quietly rather than go through the humiliation of being fired and going to jail. Of course, Lane doesn't see it as much a gift and hangs himself in the office. After discovering the body, Don heads back home where he finds Glen, his daughters sorta-boyfriend, and offers to give Glen a ride back to his school. After Glen goes all emo in the elevator Don tries to do the right thing again and asks him if he could do anything what would it be. The young boys dream is a simple one. He just wants to drive home, and Don obliges. It was a pretty touching moment, soundtracked by the Lovin' Spoonful and proof that Don isn't always such a bad guy.

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