Mary X-Mas Rave feat. DJ Swamp - Buckeye Hills Regional Park - 12/25/2013

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His performance there was basic; I don't recall anything crazy happening, no big tricks or novelties, nothing fancy, just some mixing and some mild turntablism at a huge rave in an appropriately huge venue with big lights and big sound.

On Christmas Night, I drove 45 minutes for Mary X-Mas, a $10 rave out into the middle of the desert in the cold night air to stand under the stars and watch and listen to DJ Swamp completely rock the eff out. And it was awesome.

Some 13 years after I first saw him in Wisconsin, he still works the turntables like they're extensions of his own body, mixing seamlessly and scratching like the champ he is. Back in 1996, DJ Swamp took the DMC's United States championship, after that he toured with Beck, and since then has been producing, DJing and otherwise doing his thing with music, never losing his touch on the vinyl.

That's not even the half of it, though.

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