Matchbox Twenty - Comerica Theater - 7/26/2013

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I felt like "I Will" was the most sincere moment of the entire night. The lights were dimmed and you could feel that Mr. Thomas wasn't bullshitting. I say felt, because immediately after that, they played "Unwell," sans banjo, and this was absolutely mind-melting. The cubes became stars and the LEDs melted and it was fantastic.

You ever wish you could go back to relive your teenage years with the knowledge you have now? Well, I don't, but this was sort of like that anyway. It gave me a clearer picture of how far I've come from being the kid purposely ostracizing himself from women for fear of rejection to being the idiot who sabotages his relationships until the girls ostracize themselves from me.

"Push," their final song after the encore, really hit home as well, because I once put it on an apologetic mixtape for a girl. She didn't understand what I was trying to say with this track and always skipped it when we listened to the album in her car, but it was kind of like some bizarre, self-fulfilling prophecy. "I want to take you for granted." Well, congratulations, you idiot.

I did leave Comerica Theater feeling cathartic. I try not to dwell on my past and I'm definitely happier than I've been in months, but there's still these manicured-nail-shaped scars in places I can't reach. Alcohol, drugs, sex, religion, writing, and aimless drives to Tucson don't seem to scratch it.

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