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MC Magic: One Big Mistake Up-and-Coming Rappers Keep Making (and More)

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Many people only interpret that saying to mean that what you have is good, and you don't always realize that until you've lost it. But I believe the blade cuts both ways.

What I'm saying is that your relationship is causing you grief and sadness, which is taking the place of your peace and happiness. Now that he's gone, you know he's not worth it. I recommend you cut ties and let go of Mr. Unfaithful -- eventually that will give you the freedom to find a situation that brings you contentment.

Blessings! MC Magic

Dear Magic,

Hello! <3 I hope all is good. I have a question about love. There's a guy who was my boyfriend for some time. Last weekend he says to me, "Que regresaramos." In this moment I tell him, "No, because I'm not sure what I feel for you!"

He's a good guy, but I don't know what to do. What do you say, Magic?? Unsure in Fort Worth

Dear Unsure,

Everyone can offer you advice, but only you know your feelings.

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MC Magic