Metal's First Female Frontwoman Talks About Playing in a Man's World

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Well, going back to Phoenix in '88, the dynamic of shows change over the past three decades, with things like live streaming and constant cell phone coverage.

Yes, sometimes that takes away from that vibe! Because people are looking at their devices and text messages while concerts are going on. It's totally different. Totally different. Like, I'll be in the middle of singing and a photo is snapped and blinds me! But as long as the fans are happy, then that's what I want to do.

What can fans expect from the 30th anniversary DVD? That comes out this fall, right?

Yes, yes! Yeah. It's in the making. You see so many types of people; old fans, new fans, young people that are just learning about us. It's really what we live for. I think the new DVD will showcase so much of what our life and love for this music is about. There's tons of special gifts and people I really love. It really highlights the arrangements of songs too which is great.

How is the production going on the follow up to 2012's Raise Your Fist? Are you in the middle writing?

Yes, that's correct! I'm thinking that next year it will come out, because we've been touring so much. We're focusing on touring and playing a lot right now, that's a top priority, but we are working on it. But we have a couple of killer ideas and songs in the making; and I've really fallen in love with some of the arrangements. With everything; touring, the DVD and new songs, it just gives me pure joy.

With all the albums in your career, pick three that stand out as your favorite or that propelled your career the most?

You mean, three highlights, or albums?


I'm sorry! It's so loud over here. I'm hiding in a tiny room. I would say, definitely the Triumph and Agony album [1987]. It was the right album at the right time. I still love it and I think it has fantastic songs on it. I love "Metal Tango" and "East Meets West" and "Touch of Evil" -- I think we will play a ton of that album on this tour too. That album really made me realize that our band was getting big.

There's one album that was never officially released in the states that was fantastic, very very classy. Love Me In Black [1998]. We always play the title song, and diehard usually fans know it. The last one would be Raise Your Fist because it's been more metal in the past 10 years, and it has one of my favorite duets on it with Lemmy Kilmister who I love so much! And it has a great vibe between hardcore, heavy stuff, beautiful ballads and anthems. One song is called "Freiheit" and in English it is "Human Rights," which I think is an important track this day in age.

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