Mindless Self Indulgence's Jimmy Urine: "We're Not Gonna Break Up Unless Somebody Dies."

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He is passionate about his music, and he doesn't dance around questions when asked about promoting their upcoming tour ("in this modern era, everyone needs their fuckin' hand held. They are completely retarded"), or describing MSI's live performance ("it's basically just a big jackoff on stage"), his cult following of fans ("they could be bankers and lawyers, but they'll probably end up being hackers"), and the pitfalls of a record company ("you have your entire life to make your first record. When you have to make your second record, especially if you've had some success, you only have five seconds to make it, and it better be fucking good").

Last year, MSI released their fifth studio album in their 17 year existence titled How I Learned to Stop Giving a Shit and Love Mindless Self Indulgence to both fan and critic success. In the spirit of playing by their own rules, the band held the record hostage until they raised enough money via Kickstarter to justify recording it.

Recently, the band went one step further by taking the single "Fuck Machine" and remixing it 11 different times by various artists, including Combichrist and Mustard Pimp, and releasing it as a stand-alone remix record. Why the song "Fuck Machine"? According to Urine, simply because "I love a song that says 'fuck' in it," he declares.

Fans have also enjoyed the recent short anime video released by the band that looks like the intro to a MSI themed Saturday morning cartoon, if such a thing were to ever be green-lit, and the song that was chosen for the soundtrack to the anime video-- none other than "Fuck Machine".

After this upcoming tour, which kicks-off tonight at Marquee Theatre in Tempe, MSI plans to go on hiatus for a while. So, before any of that happens, Up on the Sun took the opportunity to speak with Urine about his fans, his music and doing things the MSI way.

Why did you pick the song "Fuck Machine" to remix? I love a song that says "fuck" in it. There's a lot of "fucks" on that record. It probably has the most "fucks" on any record I'd say, except for maybe something gangster. It's probably the most "fucks" I've heard in a long time.

Can you elaborate on your statement that you made saying you are going on hiatus after the March tour? Yeah, yeah, well, the number one thing is that it is not a break-up. We all get along very well, and we love each other very much. Unlike a lot of other bands where people meet each other with wanted ads and then all of a sudden they write "Welcome to the Jungle" and then the next minute they're like, "holy shit, this guy's a heroin addict," or "holy shit, this guy's bipolar." We are totally not that. We're a bunch of art school students who love hanging out. We got together and we made a really cool, crazy art project called Mindless Self Indulgence. We're not going to break-up unless somebody dies.

The hiatus is really more of a heads up, because a lot of times I think people get lazy. They think, "Mindless is coming to town, oh they'll be back next month, or [in] a year and we'll see them then." Well no, we don't know when we're coming back necessarily. We're going to take some time off for family and other side projects. Who the fuck knows-- I might get hit by a car. I don't know what that length of time is; it's an ambiguous length of time.

Also, I don't know what it is, but in this modern era, everybody needs their fuckin' hand held. They are completely retarded. I can be Tweeting about coming to your town like, "I'm coming to Phoenix, man!" Then, they can be following me on Twitter and replying to me, or I can be taking Instagram pics saying, "About to go on stage, let's do this!" Then, literally the next day, I'll get a million tweets saying, "When are you coming to Phoenix?"

I'm like, "are you fucking kidding me! What the fuck?" It's really weird, and it doesn't matter what I do. In the last three to four years people are fucking really dumb on the internet. It makes me sad, because I've always had an image in my head that young kids know how to use the internet and the computer and technology.

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