Mindless Self Indulgence's Jimmy Urine: "We're Not Gonna Break Up Unless Somebody Dies."

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What can fans expect here in Tempe for your tour kick-off show? It's basically just a big jackoff on stage, with four people really trying to enjoy themselves. You just watch, and enjoy the high energy and fun.

I also want to make the set special for every town. So, we're doing a band's choice, which is basically playing some new songs off of the new record, and then play some old songs-- the favorites. Then, we're going to stop, and every band member gets to pick whatever song they want to pick. That'll make every single show unique, because who knows what everybody is going to pick. We strive for sort of randomness, but we also like to nail stuff. So, we're all moving independently, but somehow it makes sense when you watch the whole thing. There's a lot of anarchy, but it works, which is how we've always been.

Is there a specific place that stands out to you as having the craziest fans to play for? Every place is different. New York is our hometown, so we always get a good crowd. Most cities of that nature, like London and New York, you get a large vibe. If you go to somewhere like the middle of Ohio, or Detroit, where everyone is like, "fuck this place" then you're looking at shit where they're actually pulling the place apart. [laughs] That makes for a little more intensity from the audience when you're in the middle of nowhere and they're like, "Thank God you're here!" And if everybody hates you're town, you're like, "yeah, I fucking hate everything, and I hate my fucking town-- let's fucking burn this place!"

We have that sort of vibe on stage, so to have that vibe be out-vibed by the crowd, you know it's gotta be a place like Detroit.

Describe the MSI fans to me. MSI fans are pretty much too smart for their own good. [laughs] They could be bankers and lawyers, but they'll probably end up being hackers. There's definitely a huge geek thread that goes through the whole thing, and there's definitely a creative side too. From the beginning of the tour to the end of the tour, we get nothing but presents, which is great. It's usually like drawings or something artistic. By the end of the tour, the back of the bus looks like a shrine to us, because we take it all and put it in the back and hang out with it and check it out.

Tell me about the anime video you guys just released. I've always wanted to do a cartoon that was Mindless related, like that. I really like anime, and a lot of other geeky things like comic books. Usually, the stuff that I like is the kind of stuff the fans like, because we have similar tastes whether it's sci-fi movies or the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I wanted to do this anime and it really came out pretty cool. To me, if you can get a great idea for four minutes to a video, that's great, but I think honestly if you're not entertained by a video in the first thirty seconds, you're one click away from saying, "okay, I'm the fuck out of here."

To me, it's about making something the length of cool. So, if the length of cool is four minutes, there you go, or if it's one minute, there's the video.

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