Mission Creeps Spent a Night in a Haunted Bisbee Hotel and Wrote a Record About It

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Up on the Sun: Why did you guys decide to record a Halloween album

James Arrr: We decided to record the Halloween album for two reasons. One, we took part in a paranormal investigation with Southern Arizona Ghost and Paranormal Society and were intrigued with the outcome. Two, we've always been fans of haunted house records, including Disney's Thrilling Chilling Sounds of The Haunted House. We're also big fans of Halloween in general.

What was it like tagging along with the Southern Arizona Ghost & Paranormal Society?

SAGAPS are a great bunch of people, and we're proud to now call them our friends. They're extremely professional, skeptical, and try to disprove everything they can. So it was interesting to see their perspective, in addition to all the fantastic high-tech equipment and gadgets as well as some cool DIY stuff too. We did another investigation at a club here in Tucson called the Surly Wench. That experience with SAGAPS was a blast as well.

What drew you to the Oliver House in Bisbee?

SAGAPS had chosen it as the location for the investigation. It's known as one of the most haunted places in Bisbee, which is one of the most haunted towns in the country. We've played many times in Bisbee and always had a "spirited" time, so any chance to go to Bisbee, we take.

What was your experience like spending the night at this haunted house?

The hotel was mostly empty and it had a very eerie vibe to it. After the SAGAPS folks left us alone with an audio recorder, we drifted off to sleep. We were awakened many times by voices and people marching up and down the hallways. We had crazy dreams and tossed and turned. Even before we listened to the audio, we knew it was a very interesting adventure going to Bisbee and staying the night by ourselves. We would totally do it again, of course.

Did you guys believe in paranormal activity before spending the night -- or were some of you skeptical? How did this experience change your opinions?

Though we've had many strange experiences, we try and remain skeptical about all this paranormal stuff. It's not to say, we don't love a good ghost story and we aren't open to whatever is out there, we just like to keep our wits about us so when something "real" does happen we can't attribute it to "wanting to see" something. So our opinions or beliefs really haven't changed, just waiting for absolute proof, which may never come.

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