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Looking back on his label's history and accomplishments, Johnson doesn't hesitate when asked if there are projects that he wishes K had released but didn't. "There's always that sort of thing, but I think we've put out so many great records that I'm proud to have been involved with, I just figure it all worked out. Whatever didn't happen, something else did, and that was what was supposed to happen, so it's all fun. I just look at this year; we have another eight albums coming out this year, and if I was going to put out more records this year I don't know how I would."

But can the current roster of K projects generate the same kind of excitement as in the early days? "The times now are more exciting than ever," says Johnson. "There's just so much happening and so many people are able to do their work in a way that makes it available to the world. What's happening in Olympia is more exciting than any other time.

"There's a lot left to do. I think that having K be a place where artists can have their work recognized and distributed and it can be done on a level where they are able to make a living off of their work -- that's a goal we haven't achieved completely. We're still heading towards that." If Johnson's track record of tenacity and ingenuity is any indication, it leaves little doubt that that promise will one day be fulfilled.

Dub Narcotic Sound System is scheduled to perform on Wednesday, April 12, at Nita's Hideaway in Tempe, with Sub Debs. Showtime is 9 p.m.

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