Monsterland in Mesa Planning Nightclub

As reported by our sister blog Jackalope Ranch last week, the people behind Monsterland (the two-story haunted house and slasher movie museum located on Main Street that opened last October) are currently planning on transforming part of its property into a nightspot and dance emporium. 

Monsterland co-owner Kevin Wynn says right now he and the other proprietors tentatively plan to remove walls and portions of the attraction's cemetery to make room for a dance floor, bar, seating areas, and space for up to 300 clubgoers. Currently, he says, they're hoping to open in April and will possibly feature three nights of DJs and music on weekends. (Our Jackalope Ranch colleagues dish on even juicier details about the club here.)

"Right now we're hoping to keep some as much of the castles and monsters as possible and give it a horror theme," Wynn says.

Turning a portion of Monsterland into a nightclub is an idea its proprietors have been considering for awhile. Co-owner (and resident creature-maker) Kyle Thompson told me last fall during the attraction's preview night that they were considering such a thing.

Wynn says many details about the project are still up in the air he says, including getting paperwork approved by the City of Mesa. The goal, he explains, is to give people a reason to visit Monsterland, which shut down after October, outside of the Halloween season.

Therein lies another challenge for the proposed project, Wynn says, which is scaring up enough patrons.

"Mesa is not known for its nightlife and getting people down here will be a challenge," he adds.

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