Mouse Powell Will Make You Dinner (If You Help Fund His New Album)

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Up on the Sun: So what's the good word on this Kickstarter? Mouse Powell: We're getting ready to put the finishing touches on the new album and it's going to be a free project. So we're doing a Kickstarter to try and fund the mastering, so it can sound the best it possibly can. The rest of the money is going to go to making new music videos.

Right now we're right around $1,500 and we're trying to get to $3,000. The feedback has been incredible so far, and now we're at the halfway point.

We're also doing a radio campaign with [KWSS morning show] TMI all week.

Is this your first run with Kickstarter? Yeah, definitely. Random put me onto it. I've seen him be ridiculously successful through Kickstarter; he's funded a whole bunch of projects that way. It's a really cool way to be able to independently handle stuff without having to be on a label or anything.

How has the process been, being a newcomer to the whole Kickstarter thing? If you've never used it before, the way it works is, people make donations and they receive different incentives for the different levels of donations. '

We've got a lot of cool incentives -- pretty much all of the merchandise things that I've had in the past like T-shirts, sacrilegious candles that have my face where saints normally go, and I'll even cook dinner for you. We're also offering the skateboard that I rode in the video for "Holding Home." So there are different levels.

But people seem really eager to help out because it makes them a part of the process. So you really get more of a hands on feel. All of the feedback has been awesome. The average donation has been around $25 as opposed to someone just buying a CD for $5. That's been crucial, because it's helping us put everything together.

So you know your way around the kitchen? Ah, man, I don't want to brag but I'm a little bit of a beast in the kitchen.

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