New Scottsdale Nightspot Spanish Fly Offering Bathing Suit Job Interviews Today

Despite Scottsdale's notorious reputation for dirty deeds and scandalous behavior, every once in awhile folks in Old Town will raise (or lower) the bar with something quite salacious.

To wit: The braintrust behind Spanish Fly, the Mexican beach bar that's coming soon to the spot formerly occupied by Drift, are playing up the city's obsession with body image by holding a job fair today where applicants are encouraged to come dressed in teeny bikinis and other swimwear.

Both buxom babes and beefcake boys can throw on their throngs or strap on a Speedo and waltz on down to the establishment (located at 4341 North 75th Street) to apply for one of the 75 positions available for wait staff, bartenders, and security. (Although bathing suits aren't a requirement to land an interview). Potential employees are also asked to their "beach and poolside personality" to the cattle call, which runs until 7 p.m. tonight.

No word on whether or not barbacks, DJs, or the janitorial staff will have to sport marble bags for their interviews.

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