New Vampire Weekend, Crystal Antlers at Ruby Room, Blur Reunion Video, Touch and Go Book

Electric Mustache: Photos: Crystal Antlers at The Ryhthm Room 6/8/2009
Spin: Vampire Weekend's New Record: "Higher, Lower, Faster!
Spin: Blur post rehearsal footage online - video
Rolling Stone: U2's Bono and the Edge Talk "Spider-Man" Musical
Pitchfork: The Smashing Pumpkins Hire a 19-Year-Old Drummer?
So Much Silence: Mos Def performs Quiet Dog on Letterman
Rolling Stone: Bret Michaels' Reps Criticize Tony Awards, Host Neil Patrick Harris
Idolator: What Was Your Last Visit To A Big-Box Retailer's Music Section Like?
Pitchfork: Touch and Go Zine Compiled Into Book


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