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New Wavves Song Available on Sendspace

As you might have picked up from my column last week, I think Wavves is one of the most interesting bands out at the moment. So I was pretty excited to read they've got a new song out, even if:

a) They're still canceling shows due to Nathan Williams broken wrist.
b) The song in question is called "Mickey Mouse," which means it'll likely never make it on to a record, unless the name changes or Fat Possum's legal department gets bored enough to tangle with Disney. Hey, I saw the Girl Talk movie Rip!
c) The new song does sound, as Pitchfork says, a little like Animal Collective. It's still lo-fi, somehow, and it's still Williams singing. Pretty odd.

Download "Mickey Mouse" for free here. Beware, it's a huge file.

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Martin Cizmar
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