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New Year's Resolutions for the Phoenix Music Scene in 2015

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11) We will support more local musicians. This should really go without saying, but while it's tempting to save your money to go see the national headliner come through town on a Tuesday, your cash means a lot more to the local acts around town than it ever will to Taylor Swift or U2. Don't just go see a band because they're local, but make sure you help support the local artists you do like.

10) Put on more DIY shows. Who needs promoters? Phoenix has so many solid local bands, there's no reason a few of them couldn't get together more often to put on their own shows. Putting in the little bit of extra work can lead to a much better experience for both the musicians and the crowd. DIY shows are perfect examples of how music is best done from the ground up.

9) Stop making all of our bands sound/look like a Greeley Estates spin-off and work on creating a unique style of our own. It's not exclusive to Arizona, but we can't help but feel like an awful lot of bands in the Phoenix scene tend to sound the same. While the punk/hardcore scene will always have a place, we'd like to see more diversity from some of Phoenix's bands in 2015. We're not saying there aren't other types of bands around, we're just hoping to lay off of the angular haircuts and screaming skinny jean-clad singers for a little while.

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