Nicki Minaj, Comerica Theatre, 8/7/12 (VIDEO)

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While Minaj totally deserves credit for really supporting her fans (she brought about 15 of them on-stage with her during the sexually suggestive "Bedrock," including that 5-year-old), rapping about her pussy to pre-teens makes her seem a little out of touch with the audience she keeps feeding hook-heavy pop songs to. 

But Minaj does seem to be embracing her pop side more than ever. It seemed like most of the songs Minaj sang during her hour-and-a-half set were hits from the radio, which was a reminder of just how prevalent Minaj has been as both a solo act and guest star. While she was doing her costume changes throughout the show, the DJ on-stage continued to play Minaj's songs, particularly those where she had guest vocals. It was an interesting choice to keep the party going with music rather than video transitions, and the crowd didn't seem to mind as they danced and sang along with as much gusto as ever.

Who knows if it was genuine or not, but Minaj really seemed impressed with the packed Arizona crowd. "What I love about doing shows is that my crowd is always so versatile," Minaj said, calling out all ethnicities to cheer for themselves one-by-one. She helped throw T-shirts to the crowd, called audience members "darlings" and "babies," and she earnestly said, "I've been all around the world, and there's not one single place that can fuck with Arizona." Thanks, Nicki.

But considering just about everyone in the crowd cheered when Minaj asked who was in school (after which she then proceeded to give a stay-in-school lesson -- "Go to school so you can say, 'I learned that shit, bitch'"), it was hard not to feel weird seeing high schoolers act all tough and not-to-be-fucked with. The youngn's cheered wildly when Minaj asked the crowd who liked big bulges, and though it's evident Minaj loves her fans, it's sort of sad to think someone with anti-feminist sentiments is someone young ladies idolize -- though she can throw one heck of a party.

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