Odd Future Fans Tag Queen Creek Homes and Property With Graffiti Inspired By the Band

Numerous residents of Queen Creek and around the San Tan Valley have spent the past few days cleaning up a rash of grafitti and vandalism that was inflicted upon their homes and property by a pack of unknown hooligans.

Here's the kicker: The vandalism was likely inspired by weirdo rap act Odd Future, leading us to believe the perpetrators are apparently all hardcore fans of the group.

According to various reports, eight different homes and a variety of residences, cars, and other property located in the Johnson Ranch neighborhood of Queen Creek was tagged on Saturday night by the vandals. The graffiti included swastikas, inverted crucifixes, the numbers "666," and phrases like "Heil Satan [sic]" or Wolf Gang. A few vehicles were also torched in the vicinity of the rest of the vandalism. Sources estimate the damage is into the thouands of dollars.

A variety of media outlets and Pinal County Sheriff's officials have suggested the damage and grafitti was gang-related. Anyone familiar with Odd Future (or Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All to some), its bizarre lyrics, and (relatively harmless) obsession with devilish iconography and symbolism can easily conclude that vandalism was inspired by the band.

The Wolf Gang tags are a no-brainer. Upside down crosses and 666 have appeared on Odd Future's t-shirts and albums. Its members reportedly "brandish swastikas and call themselves Black Nazis."

Odd Future's lyrics are of an anti-establishment bent, and the group's slogan, "Kill people, Burn shit, Fuck school" is chanted at shows.

Local station KTVK also reported that the grafitti included the group's acronym of OFWGKTA.

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Although Odd Future fans can be a rather nutty lot, turning an East Valley neighborhood into a chaotic and criminal tribute to their favorite rap acts is a bit beyond the pale. True, the group's into spray-painting inverted crucifixes and other iconography on walls and Tyler the Creator may want to burn the suburbs down (if his lyrics are too be believed), but we're willing to believe its part of the band's shtick versus a manifesto to be believed and a lifestyle to be followed, yo.

Besides, y'all forgot to include Golf Wang or some donuts in your graffiti. "A" for effort and an "F" for failing to provide a proper Odd Future tribute.

One Queen Creek resident named Isaac Sanchez, who's VW Jetta was tagged, told KTVK that the Odd Future-obsessed vandals should turn themselves in for their crimes.

"Best thing to do is just come forward, people are willing to forgive," Sanchez told the station. "It's just something they need to grow out of, stop doing this, straighten up."

And stop listening to that damned anarcho-rap, you whippersnappers!

The Pinal County Sheriff's Office hasn't made any arrests as of this writing. If they're looking for leads, they might wanna hang out in the hip-hop section of nearby record stores.

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