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Former GN'R guitarist Stradlin declined to comment for this story, and a spokesperson for Slash -- who was denied access to the 2001 New Year's Eve show in Las Vegas on direct orders from Rose -- says the guitarist has nothing to say on the subject. Bassist Duff McKagan did return a phone call, although he says he'd rather not comment on the Axl affair. "Things have been misconstrued and taken out of context in the past," he says -- and besides, he's moved on. McKagan says the original members are still partners in Guns N' Roses Inc. and thus "concerned when damage is done to the name," although no one in the old band was at all surprised by the recent turn of events.

Duff is more eager to talk about a much-rumored new project with the three ex-Gunners and final drummer Matt Sorum. He confirms that singers Sebastian Bach of Skid Row, ex-Buckcherry front man Joshua Todd, and Days of New's Travis Meeks all have auditioned.

"In all of our best interests, I always thought he should have returned as the Axl Rose Band or something like that," McKagan says. "But there are things you just can't change, and so you move on."

Sounds like something every Guns N' Roses fan ought to do. Move on. There's nothing more to see here.

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