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In a music scene littered with the corpses of dozens of bands who were one-hit video wonders, Shattuck knows how fortunate the Muffs are to have never experienced that particular kind of "success."

"We actually went through a little bit of that when our video got played on MTV. They tried to make 'Sad Tomorrow' [off Blonder and Blonder] be the hit. It really only got shown maybe five times, that's it," recalls Shattuck. "When that happened, I swear to God, all of a sudden these creepy-ass people started to come out of the woodwork, just from that many plays. Imagine being played 70 billion times on MTV, every sloth in the entire world will come to your show, it's gross."

For all her contempt (most of it relatively mild) for the "music biz," Shattuck is genuinely grateful for having been given the opportunity to record several albums for a major label and cultivate an audience -- a chance that most new bands in today's bottom-line-conscious music industry won't ever get. "I'm totally grateful that we were on Warner Bros. and able to make records," says Shattuck. "They weren't going to push us so hard. Their nature is to throw shit on the wall and see what sticks. I came into it knowing that. Now we're past all that and we're just making music, thank God."

The Muffs are scheduled to perform on Saturday, August 14, at the Mason Jar. Showtime is 9 p.m.

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