Over the Weekend: AZ Fetish Ball, Tour de Fat, Diablo II and The Nissan Half-Pipe Jam

By Jonathan McNamara

AZ Fetish Ball at The Venue of Scottsdale

"Rock 'n' rubber ruled the night at the AZ Fetish Ball on Saturday, October 11. Thousands of costumed cajolers brought out their best breasts and were treated to a variety of fetish performances and music from Venus De Mars, W.O.M.B., and Android Lust."

Diablo II at The Ice House

Halloween came a few weeks early as numerous rave kids and freaky costumed revelers were in attendance and the all-night dance affair on Saturday, October 11.

Tour de Fat at Tempe Town Lake

Eco-friendly people wearing costumes and willing to trade their motor vehicles for tricked-out bicycles congregated on Tempe Town Lake to take part in Tour de Fat on October 11, 2008.

Nissan Half-Pipe Jam at Westgate City Center

Half-pipe hellions took to their boards and bikes as kids watched on in awe on October 11, 2008.

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Jonathan McNamara