Over the Weekend: Craig Ferguson, Arizona Cardinals, Mimosas and More

Craig Ferguson Could Read Me the Phonebook

As Americans, there are a lot of things we don't agree on. But if there's one thing I think we can all get behind, it's this: British/Irish/Scottish accents make everything better. You could call my mother a dirty slut in your boring old American accent and I'd want to punch you in the face, but say the same thing about dear old Ma in an Irish brogue, and I'm putty in your hands...full story

Arizona Cardinals fans celebrate, line-up for tickets to the NFC championship game

The apocalypse must surely be upon us, as the unlikely Arizona Cardinals are just one win away from appearing in the Super Bowl after trouncing the Carolina Panthers in the NFL playoffs this weekend...see slide show

"Angela Ellsworth: Underpinnings" Opening at Lisa Sette Gallery

Multi-media artist Angela Ellsworth never, ever disappoints me. And just when I think she can't outdo herself, she proves me wrong. Her aesthetic coup this time can be seen in "Angela Ellsworth: Underpinnings" at Lisa Sette Gallery in Scottsdale until January 31. And it's one for the books...full story

Also: Be sure to see our Angela Ellsworth: Underpinnings Slide Show and Video

Light Rail Sit-in Called Off As Organizer Loses His Nerve

Is it just us, or have people in this town lost their balls? For instance, we reported on Wednesday about local photographer Morgan Bellinger's plan to stage a light rail sit-in later this month as a way to protest the fact that the trains stop running at midnight. But now he's pulled an complete about face on the matter and cancelled the event following a con-fab with Valley Metro officials...full story

Arty Girl: Mimosa Sundays in Scottsdale
I have a nasty habit of booking up my schedule weeks in advance and, since I'm not the only person in this town with a busy life, I assume some of you are the same way. All of a sudden, boredom is never an option and neither are last minute plans. Does that mean we're grown-ups?...full story

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Jonathan McNamara