Over the Weekend: Halloween, The Faint, Daggers Death Race 2, Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts and More


Check out the costumed craziness direct from Halloween in Scottsdale and on Mill Avenue.

Concert Review: The Faint at Marquee Theatre on Nov. 1

If you want to judge a concert based on how far back the crowd is dancing – and I think it’s a pretty fair way to do it – it would be hard to top The Faint’s show Saturday.

Daggers Death Race 2

Fixed-gear cyclists gathered at Daley park on Halloween night to compete in Daggers Death Race 2, a two-man team bike race with a little scavenger hunt thrown into the mix.

Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts

Artsy types took to the streets of downtown Phoenix Saturday for the third annual Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts, affectionately known as PAPA. Local musicians and performers including Axe Capoeira and Mosey Horse warmed up the crowd in advance of the parade, which prominently featured hipster parents, cool kids, crazy floats, and tons o' bikes.

Phoenix Independents Bowl: Local Music Types Roll For Charity

There ain’t no bowling alley at Kierland Commons. So, really, I am at a loss to explain what happened at Sunset Bowl Sunday, as a team from Desert Living Magazine bested two New Times teams and a slew of other area bands, promoters, club owners and assorted independent music types to win the inaugural Phoenix Independents Bowl.

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Jonathan McNamara