Over the Weekend: Weezer, Jake Owen, TKLB?, and Coolio

What did you wind up doing this past weekend? Yeah, we're sure in all likelihood that y'all took time out to watch the big game (and that big, lopsided slaughter that went along with it) or attending one of the many parties being thrown in its honor.

We got to hit up a few of those parties ourselves, including one starring kinky-haired rap legend Coolio, who hung out at INTL in Scottsdale and performed a special post-game DJ set. As for the rest of the weekend, the scribes of Up on the Sun spent time at such shows as Jake Owen and Weezer's concerts inside the Coors Light Birds Nest up in Scottsdale that coincided with the Waste Management Phoenix Open or witnessing local indie rapper TKLB? finishinh up his month-long Friday residency at Long Wong's in Tempe.

Here's a look back at where we were at the past several nights.

Jake Owen - Coors Light Birds Nest at Waste Management Phoenix Open - 1/30/14 (VIDEO)

Country music fans definitely know a thing or two about having a good time -- and Thursday night's concert by Jake Owen inside the Coors Light Birds Nest at the Waste Management Phoenix Open was no exception.

Everyone was in a celebratory mood by the time the superstar singer/songwriter stepped onstage barefoot, as he's wont to do. Beer was everywhere to be seen as the crowd drank, danced, and sang along to every song. Even Owen had his go-to beer up on stage with him...Read More.

TKLB?, The Woodworks, Playboy Manbaby, The Insects - Long Wong's - 1/31/14

Kalen Lander, known to many in the local music scene as TKLB?, wrapped up his Friday "F-Bom" residency at Long Wong's Tempe last night, and it was quite the epic finale. The Tempe indie rapper, who's the brother of The Sugar Thieves' Mikel Lander, brought out the big guns for the occasion, including openers Playboy Manbaby, The Woodworks, and The Insects.

Playboy Manbaby was playing sans trumpeter David Cosme, but they still managed to sound great. The room was fairly empty and lead singer Robbie Pfeffer repeatedly rambled on about the night being a grown man's bar mitzvah, and shimmied around the stage while wrapping the microphone around himself...Read more

Weezer - Coors Light Birds Nest at Waste Management Phoenix Open - 1/30/14

As the famous 20th Century Fox fanfare played and the lights dimmed inside the Coors Light Birds Nest at the Waste Management Phoenix Open on Friday night, the crowd might have expected Weezer to greet them with all the spectacle of a summer comic book blockbuster. Not quite. Instead, Rivers Cuomo shyly walked out dressed casually in an unbuttoned dress shirt, suit, and a dark pair of jeans so straight you'd think his mother ironed them before he went onstage.

As the iconic power-pop quartet unenthusiastically chanted, "the workers are going home" during the opener "My Name Is Jonas," it became apparent that band was feeling like they'd shown up to work. Maybe feeling like phoning it in or just killing time. That's because for Weezer, it's less than two weeks until vacation. In mid-February, the band sets sail for the Bahamas for their second annual Weezer Cruise. And all they had to do in the meantime was play some songs and collect a paycheck...Read More.

Super Bowl Parties in Metro Phoenix, 2/2/14

As the Seattle Seahawks were busy thrashing the Denver Broncos, 42-8, during Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on Sunday, February 2, the entire country was watching the drama of the action unfold on televisions everywhere and at numerous parties and celebrations in honor of the big game.

Metro Phoenix had more than its fair share of Super Bowl shindigs -- including parties at the Crescent Ballroom, The Firehouse and Gringo-Star Street Bar in Tempe, and INTL in Scottsdale. The New Times cameras invaded a few of these events to grab some snapshots of the celebrations and even got to hang out with rap legend Coolio...See More Photos

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