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Perfect Pussy's Meredith Graves: "We're Probably Not Going to Do Another Record"

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"No, we're probably not going to do another record," she says. "We don't like it. We don't want to do another one. We might next year if we feel like it, but right now, we have a lot of plans and are pretty much going to be touring through February, so we don't have time. There's no time when we're going to be home for more than a few days. And we've been touring so heavily that when we're home, we all spend three days in bed and then get back on the road."

She's gained a reputation -- not necessarily as a shit-talker, unless the subject is particularly deserving, but as a fearless advocate for her beliefs, unafraid to tackle any subject. And she's tackled many subjects.

"I get a lot of questions about everything at this point," Graves says, sounding weary. "Nothing is off limits. Everybody wants you to talk. If you talk about how you've been hurt, everyone wants more specific details. People go in it for the guts."

Does it feel like an invasion of her privacy?

"No, because I let it happen willfully," Graves sighs. "Do I regret it? Yes."

So is that it? Is this the end of Perfect Pussy -- a band whose flame will extinguish as quickly as it ignited?

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