Phoenix's Matt Peterson Finally Gets His Big Prom Date With Miley Cyrus

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Last night is guaranteed to go down as one of the greatest nights ever in the young life of Matt Peterson. At long last, the 17-year-old Phoenix resident and Arcadia High School student got to go to a prom of sorts with the notorious pop star, albeit in the midst of her near-sellout concert on Thursday evening at US Airways Center.

And while it may not have been inside of some gymnasium orswanky hotel ballroom, Peterson's prom date with the erstwhile Hannah Montana offered all the trappings of the teenage social rite, only much more awesome.

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For the few who aren't familiar with Peterson quest, the Valley teen earned massive Internet infamy after getting naked atop Camelback Mountain and recording a YouTube invite to Miley back in January to go to the Arcadia prom together. Although she gently declined his offer due to her Bangerz tour commitments, Miley offered to hang with him before her Phoenix concert date.

He got to do just that and more. And when Peterson showed up to the arena last night for his big date, he was plenty prepared. And plenty excited. According to his Twitter, Peterson created a "tongue suit" and Miley-themed ensemble for the occasion, right down to a pair of "Bangerz boxers."

He also had a corsage picked out to boot.

Once he got to US Airways Center, Peterson and Miley spent time conversing and planning out his onstage appearance later that night during her concert. And they also got a bona fide prom photo also.

While this up-close-and-personal experience with the pop star would likely have satisfied any other Miley superfan, what Peterson got to do during the concert was even better.

Peterson had some particularly choice floor seats six rows back from the stage, which gave the lad a primo view of Cyrus' fantastic and enormous concert spectacle. He got an even better view when she invited him onstage about midway through her 20-song set. As you can see and hear via the YouTube video below, which was shot by Up On the Sun writer Nicki Escudero, the US Airways Center crowd lost their shit when Peterson was onstage.

Matt and Miley staged an impromptu mini-prom then and there, which included Peterson giving her his jacket, presenting a corsage, getting down to just his "Bangerz boxers" and a necktie, doing some slow dancing while she sang "Adore You," doing some canoodling, and even getting a kiss (albeit on the cheek). He also took what's arguably the greatest selfie of his entire life.

If nothing else, Peterson also gets the honor of being Cyrus' first (and likely only) prom date ever, as she stated during the concert that she never went to one as a teenage. So he has that going for him. And it was a memorable date for her, as Cyrus and her bestie beau had the following exchange on Twitter after the show:

To which he gleefully responded:

Suffice it to say, the whole experience is probably going to be one of those indelible memories that Peterson will have pretty much forever. At the moment's he's still in shock and stated as much during an appearance on FOX-10 this morning.

"Even looking at these pictures, it doesn't seem real at all," he says. "I don't know when it's going to hit me."

Probably after he gets some shut-eye, which apparently isn't happening anytime soon.

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