Poeina Suddarth: "Strange Is Pretty Normal to Me at This Point"

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Up on the Sun: You had a show scheduled for Phoenix a couple of months back that was cancelled. Speculation is that you couldn't get a ride here (somehow) in time and cancelled the show. True or false? The last show in Phoenix I played was (in June) at the Last Exit. The show before that in March for the SXSW KWSS event was unfortunate to miss. The exciting part, though, was [that] it was not due to transportation -- I was offered another gig in Flagstaff that offered to pay me a lot more money.

It was actually my first dilemma of this kind. I was grateful to Beef Vegan at KWSS that he told me not to stress over it, and that I should take the better paying gig.

How difficult has it been getting from venue to venue on this tour? Traveling without my own vehicle has been rugged. I used to be able to sleep in my car, if necessary, and sometimes, if I had a long drive ahead of me, I could drive part-way, sleep on the side of the road, and keep driving.

Without that as an option, I've had to add travel days to parts of my tour, which keeps me on the road a lot longer -- and occasionally I have missed a gig. Well, I've missed three since I've been touring like this, and I started touring like this in February. I am currently on my fourth tour since then, and I've played 44 shows and 23 open mics and last-minute add-on gigs.

The first gig I missed, I really should have planned an extra travel day. I was in San Francisco and the next gig was in Arcata, California, and public transportation between those places sucks. I had found a rideshare, and they cancelled an hour before we were supposed to leave, and the Greyhound only left once a day and arrived at 10 p.m., which was past showtime.

I found another rideshare just in the nick of time to get to the gig, and the guy's brakes went out and he had to take his car into the shop. I had to cancel my show, and it was one of the few paid gigs I had that week.

I still caught a ride with him, and we drove all the way to Portland, where my next gig was. He was a young guy who fell in love with a girl who'd moved to Alaska. He was driving all hell across the country with his two-door car filled with his possessions, which I noticed contained a box with soy sauce and other random kitchen spices.

What's been the strangest occurrence so far? The road in general is a strange occurrence. Strange is really pretty normal to me at this point, so I guess if I had to pick one thing . . . well, I don't know how strange this is, but it's definitely never happened to me until last month.

This is the reason I missed the second show. I was donated a plane ticket from a fan to get me to my gig in Moscow, Idaho. I was flying on a buddy pass, on standby, and hoping I would make it to the show.

I missed the first flight, then the second flight they had two seats open but there were three people ahead of me. Luckily, the three people were two kids and a dad, and they couldn't travel apart, so I got on the plane.

So we take off and fly all the way. The flight went well, and I sat next to a nice person, and the pilot announced we were preparing for descent. I spoke too soon by saying that was an easy flight.

The pilot came on again and said that we were going to circle for a while because there was too much fog to land. We circled for about a half an hour, and the pilot announced we were out of gas and had to return to Seattle. I'm sure he meant we only had enough gas to get back and didn't want to risk circling and not being able to land, but it really freaked me out. The entire plane ride back to Seattle I thought we could possibly fall out of the sky.

I got back to the airport and waited all day to catch a plane to Boise, Idaho, where I caught a ride north to McCall for my show the following day.

Is this leading to any fresh songwriting ideas? I wouldn't be fit to be a songwriter if I couldn't draw from the endless stories I come across. I seem to have a strange effect on people where they want to tell me their deepest struggles, dreams, failures and secrets. I don't even give them drugs like Chuck Palanuik does.

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