Power 98.3's DJ M2 Needs Your Votes to Reach the Finals of McDonald's Flavor Battle

The instruction manual for the Technics 1200 dictates that the quintessential DJ tool is only to be used with carts, stands, booths or other gear specified and approved by the manufacturer.

Nowhere, however, does it state that the turntable is okay to be used on a gigantic burger box.

It's a situation Valley turntablism king M2 will have to deal with if he wins a spot in the national finals of McDonald's Flavor Battle. The top three contestants in the DJ battle will compete in front of a crowd of thousands next month in Miami using booths resembling oversized versions of fast food chain's hamburger containers. Seriously. (Check out this post about last year's finals in NYC via our colleagues at the Village Voice.)

To get his ticket to Miami, however, M2 (a.k.a. Michael McDowell) will have to nab enough online votes in the next 24 hours to prevail in the semifinals of the Flavor Battle. That's where y'all come in.

Currently, M2 is holding onto to second place in the west behind San Francisco's Risk One with 8 percent of the votes. (The competition groups its contestants geographically, with each region being represented by a specific McDonald's burger. In the case of M2 and the other west coast DJs, they're competing in the "Big Mac" division.)

He's already outlasted four others in his division, but will need a boost if he's to prevail this time. (Ironically, this isn't the first time M2's been involved with a foodstuff-sponsored DJ battle, as he won second place in the national finals of this year's Redbull Thre3style.)

If he survives the vote, M2 will battle against the winners of the east coast (Angus Third Pounder) and central states (Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese) in Miami on February 9, where judges will decide who gets a $10,000 check. Sadly, the prize doesn't include a lifetime supply of burgers. 

The public can still cast votes for their favorite DJs in each region (although registration is required) through February 3. Hit up the Flavor Battle site for more info and to vote.

DJ M2 McDonalds Flavor Battle Set from Round 1 by DJM2

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