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Queen YoNasDa, Phoenix MC with Ties to Louis Farrakhan, Wu Tang Clan and Radical Native American Group, Preps Album

Our experience with Sonny Long -- and the subsequent support for his fraud by people who should know better, but maybe have more in common with him than they'd like to admit -- shows me that a lot of folks in Phoenix's small but boastful hip-hop community are full of shit.

With publicity materials that talk about being raised by National of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and ties to Cappadonna of the Wu Tang Clan, I was a little suspicious of Queen YoNasDa when I got a press release about her big CD release party for God.Love & Music -- but looks like she's more Willy Northpole than Sonny Long. Musically, she matches her billing, falling somewhere between her two obvious influences, Lauryn Hill and Queen Latifah. Her very positive vibe, contrasting with her ties to A.I.M and The Nation of Islam (she writes a column for it's newspaper) make her an intriguing figure.

The CD release party should be pretty cool, too. Cappadonna of Wu Tang Clan, West Coast KAM and other guests are scheduled to appear at the event, taking place July 7 at Club PHX at Second Street and Washington. Doors open at 9.

Oh and in case you're not Northpoled out -- seems like he's been everywhere the past two weeks -- he's got an album release party at PHX tonight. Doors at 9. $2 well drinks.

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Martin Cizmar
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