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Quincy Ross Planning "Epic" Pedestrian Bridge Party on New Year's Eve Somewhere in Phoenix

Unless you're planning on planting yourself at home to avoid the usual drinking and driving drama, New Year's Eve always mean parties...and plenty of 'em: parties at clubs, in the street, and even at palatial mansion or two.

But a party on a pedestrian bridge somewhere in Phoenix? You gotta admit, that's a new one.

Quincy Ross is planning to stage such a celebration during New Year's Eve. The 36-year-old photographer, designer, and party instigator told me about some of the juicy details, and it sounds like a grand affair.

"A bridge party -- for the first time ever in Phoenix -- is unique. It's historic is the word, regardless if five people show up, someone had the idea of taking over a bridge and throwing a party."

The party, which he's calling "Cross The Bridge NYE," will be similar to the underground parties he's built a reputation for throwing at his art space The Quincy, only above ground...way above ground.

"What we're gonna do is take over a fucking pedestrian bridge in downtown Phoenix and rock it out until someone tells us we can't," he says. "And we're gonna be totally mobile with a sound system, maybe a pre-recorded set but by a downtown DJ, and were doing it up right on New Year's Eve."

Ross states that the theme of the party will be the 1970s, which is similar in spirit to the pair of "Solid Gold" shopping cart floats that he and his cultural cohorts created for the annual Idiotarod race the past two years. It will also feature plenty of sparklers, revelry, and even some eats from chef Mario Etsitty. Beyond that, however, he's kinda mum about what will be going down.

Ross isn't planning on releasing any further details (including the location) until New Year's Eve night via Facebook or Twitter. And when and if the Phoenix Police Department arrive to pull the plug, the action will move to The Quincy.

He also states that "Cross the Bridge" will be one of the best places to welcome 2011.

"If you have a bike and you live in downtown, this is where you'll wanna be," he says. "It doesn't really matter who shows up, it's not what this is about. It's totally free, and it's where me and my homies are gonna be," he says. "I've been to those high-dollar parties before. Fuck that shit. If you live downtown and have a bike and have a good time and then come over to my studio. Where else would you like to be?"

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