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Record Store Reminiscing: Arguing About Music

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That Got Your Attention, Didn't It, Yoko?

You've got yourself an opinion on which Beatle is the ultimate, eh? The answer is Paul. That's easy. What? It's not so easy in your book? Ya like Johnny, do ya? Well, you're wrong, and I'll tell you why.

In a little bit.

Because first I wanted to make my point: Arguing about music is fun, perhaps even addictive.

If you're all geared up to tell me about Lennon's social activism, or Paul's shitty duets and albums, or whatever debate point you've already got loaded up in your brain -- then you are beginning to see my point.

Because when you are passionate about music -- just like sports, fashion, cooking, or whatever your interest may be -- a healthy debate lets the passion flow. If you know enough to navigate yourself around the subject, and you've got passion for it, then you are bound to have yourself a little opinion.

And if you've got an opinion, and any sort of a backbone, then you've got a position to take -- and maybe even defend.

Just like me.

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