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Right Hear, Right Now: 5 Great New Songs By Phoenix Artists

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Leonardo DiCapricorn - "Bummer Daze" One of my favorite and youngest bands in the local scene has to be Leonardo DiCapricorn. With each passing release, they come into their own. Well, on Tuesday they dropped an entirely new six-song EP called Friends, Anemones in an unexpected fashion, and it's the best thing they've done to date. "Bummer Daze" in particular is a punk rocker that could only come out of Arizona — it's an amazing paean to summers in the desert heat and it's both a brilliant tune as well as funny as all hell. On the chorus it appears they are taking some nods from Rubber Brother label-mates Playboy Manbaby in, at least, delivery. This may well be the anthem of summer 2015 in Phoenix as Damon Dominguez screams, "I'm from the desert lands / No one understands what it's like to live inside Hell / I'm from the desert lands / Nobody understands what it's like to feel your face melt." While the complaints are about the oppressive weather found in the summer months, ultimately Leonardo DiCapricorn defends our peculiar living arrangements against ausländers who criticize the overwhelmingly beige place we call home.

Warm Gunns - "Double Mirror"

I literally have no idea how I found out about Warm Gunns. When they changed their name last week from Sunbeams I had already liked them on Facebook, apparently. That same day they released a debut single under that moniker called "Double Mirror." Whatever happened was great, apparently. This is music that is right up my alley, which is to say psychedelic garage rock in the absolute classic sense. I mean, this sounds like it was culled right out of a Nuggets selection from 1966. I have no idea who is in the band, who produced the track or if they even play live, but this is a song that I can't stop playing. If you love classic fuzzy psychedelic garage rock from the '60s, a la The Seeds or The Count Five, you are going to dig the holy hell out of this. It actually reminds me of how I felt about WEBS when I first heard them, but these guys are pulling it off better, and a bit trippier. It comes in at under three minutes, and I seriously hope it's pressed to 45, because I want that in my collection.

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