Rihanna Announces Contributors, New Hot Chip Album, Vice Party in NYC

Electric Mustache: Awsomeness: Christopher Walken - "Poker Face"
Idolator: Shakira Engages In Some Bedroom Acrobatics
NME: The Strokes' Nikolai Fraiture finishes 23,347th in New York Marathon
Pitchfork: Hot Chip Announce New Album
Rolling Stone: Rihanna Confirms Slash, Will.i.am, Young Jeezy Guest on "Rated R"
So Much Silence: Incoming: Rob Dickinson, Dec. 18
Spin: Puscifer's Tricks Are a Treat in San Diego
Sound of the City: So You Go to That Vice 15th Anniversary/Halloween Party with Jesus Lizard and Bad Brains...


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