Riot Fest Chicago Day 2: Blink-182, Public Enemy, Violent Femmes

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I could only stick around for Blink-182 long enough to photograph their set. "Feeling This," their opener, was an energetic start that delighted the crowd; I also heard "What's my Age Again" and "The Rock Show," both of which reminded me of Blink's glory days. The band performed a few new songs--as for how much of the set were classics, I'm not sure.

I left after the fourth song or so to book it to Against Me!'s after show--which was most excellent.

Against Me! played an hour and fifteen minute set at the Cobra Lounge and performed a few new songs, including "Transgender Dysphoria Blues" and "True Trans Soul Rebel." The band played a few old songs, including a more refined version of "Walking is Still Honest" and "Sink Florida Sink," which made for a great way to close out the band's first set.

Back at Riot Fest, Blink-182 fans kind of put a damper on things. This was most noticeable during FLAG's set, as moody teenagers complained about the seminal punk band--which is a shame, because most of these folks could have probably spent their time better watching Rancid or Taking Back Sunday.

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Melissa Fossum
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