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Rogue Bar Hosts Benefit for Richie "Ressless Legz" Gimbel on Sunday

Earlier this week we wrote about the recent death of local musician/designer/artist Richie "Ressless Legz" Gimbel, who helped put on the weekly Sunday night Hang the DJ dance party at the Rogue Bar in Scottsdale.

Gimbel's galpal Megan Low recently told New Times that she and the other folks behind the night plan on keeping it going, including turning this Sunday's incarnation of the event into a memorial and benefit for the 32-year-old, who passed away last Saturday.

It will essentially be a re-do of the "Yé-Yé Girls French Pop" special edition of Hang the DJ that was originally scheduled to take place last Sunday but was postponed in the wake of Gimbel's death.

"The only thing he could talk about for days before his passing was how excited he was for this party, and how proud he was that we had 119 people attending," Low wrote on the event's Facebook page. "The last text message I received from him said, "We're geniuses Meg!' Let's make him proud and throw him the best party that Phoenix has ever seen."

Low, E. Claire, and others will spin retro and vintage French pop during the evening and fellow Gimbel friends and collaborators Stephen Steinbrink and Abe Gil of Treasure Mammal will also perform.

There will be a $3 cover after 10 p.m., which will go to Gimbel's family to cover the expenses of his funeral arrangements.

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