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RPM Orchestra Will Create the Weirdest Marching Band Ever

There are quite a few musical acts in town that would make just about any casual music fan stop and ask themselves, "What in the world is going on here?" But none of them dive as deep into the waters of "high weirdness" as proto-industrial Americana five-piece RPM Orchestra.

"'High weirdness' is a phrase first popularized in the title of a book by the Church of the SubGenius' Rev. Ivan Stang, , a directory of 'mad prophets, crackpots, kooks, and true visionaries,'" says RPM Orchestra founder Pete Petrisko. "Its meaning is also open to interpretation, depending on one's perspective, I suppose. That said, Phoenix does have a rich musical history of acts considered odder than most in their day, including the Tubes, Alice Cooper, Meat Puppets, and the Sun City Girls."

But compared to RPM Orchestra, these aforementioned weird musical forefathers might as well be making gospel music. RPM approaches everything about music -- the group's sound, its live performances, and even the kind of gigs it plays -- differently from any band in town.

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Jeff Moses
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