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Rush Coil's 8-Bit Christmas Helps Child's Play While Rocking X-Mas Tunes NES Style

One stint of working retail during December was all it took to ruin Christmas music for me. Listen to "Little Drummer Boy" enough times and the only thing you'll want for Christmas is noise-canceling headphones. Yet even as I write this I'm happily rocking out to "Deck the Halls" thanks to Rush Coil and their holiday album 8-Bit Christmas.

Inspired by video game music from the NES era, 8-Bit takes 12 classic Christmas songs including "Gloria," "Silent Night" and "Joy to the World," and gives them chiptune makeovers. All of a sudden "O Christmas Tree" sounds more like an epic soundtrack for battling with Dr. Wily's Robot Masters than the monotonous Holiday stinker I'd been taking it for.

Yet 8-Bit is miraculous for more than getting me to listen to holiday music again. Download a digital copy of the album for $4 and take comfort in knowing that your cash will be supporting Child's Play; a charity created by the folks at Penny Arcade that donates toys and games to hospitals the world over.

Check out the album at:

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Jonathan McNamara