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Sara McClellan, What Are You Listening To?

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What's the last song played on your music player?
 "She's Long Gone," by The Black Keys. Fierce, empowering, and, oh, so rhythmic.

What's the first album you bought?
 Starship, Knee Deep in the Hoopla. Man, that's hilarious. '80s fans, if you really want a flashback, a la Rebecca De Mornay, check out the "Sara" video. Mullets and melodrama, oh, my.

What's your favorite album?
 The Black Keys' Brothers. I can lay back and let the depth wash over me. To quote Rob Gordon (John Cusack) from High Fidelity: "All three of us writers, we all experience music autobiographically . . . so I'll have certain songs that mark certain times in our life, and I think we're not rare that way. Like I'll use music as fuel, you know? Not like as inspiration but as fuel like if I need to get into a certain mindset I know there's certain songs that I can turn on that'll just . . . that's the gas and that'll get me right where I need to go."

Who is your favorite singer or band?
 Florence Welch is a singing chameleon, an enchantress, and a direct line to awesome.

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