Scottsdale's Hi-Fi Kitchen & Cocktails Opens Tonight, Kicks Off DJ Nights This Weekend

As any Scottsdale party monster would tell you, Saddlebag Trail in Old Town tends to go full tilt boogie with rowdy behavior and exceedingly loud music after sundown, courtesy of high-end hangouts like El Hefe, Wild Knight, and EPIQ.

Starting this evening, the din's only going to get noisier and livelier as the aforementioned clubs are getting a new neighbor when Hi Fi Kitchen and Cocktails holds its grand opening and begins pumping amplified electronic beats into the ears of its patrons and out into the night air.

Scottsdale impresarios Les and Diane Corieri -- owners of Axis/Radius, The Mint, and RnR -- are behind the new drinking, dining, and dancing establishment, which is their latest effort to expand their ever-growing Old Town fiefdom of nightlife joints. (Hi-Fi will be part of the larger a href="" target="_blank">Maya Day and Nightclub swimming spot and nightlife haven -- which opens next month -- and occupies portions of the property that was once home to their bygone clubs Myst and Suede.)

And like any of the couple's other endeavors, Hi-Fi will regular feature DJs and EDM artists, along with some arty amenities and a repast of cocktails and "adult milkshakes."

If its name or logo didn't already clue you in, Hi-Fi's theme borrows heavily from audiophile culture and utilizes vintage stereo system and a bit of throwback analog swank -- with a hint of Shag bachelor pad stylishness -- into its self-described "music-centric retro haunt." (Hell, the Corieris' PR people even sent us a promo announcing tonight's grand opening that resembles an old 45 record.)

To help underscore the nightlife establishment's bent, an entire wall will be covered with a patchwork pastiche of old school speakers and ghetto blasters that resemble a woofer and tweeter version of the cassette tape collage over at the Windsor.

But for all its analog digs, Hi-Fi's multimedia elements are definitely high-tech. The Corieri's dropped more than $100,000 on a new-fangled digital graffiti wall that's being touted as being able project a variety of morphing 3-D images. We've also heard whisperings from the DJ scene that its sound system is also equally top-shelf.

And after tonight's grand opening, Hi-Fi will have a regular crew of DJs utilizing said system to bring music to the high-style masses. Starting Thursday evening, it launches five different weekly dance nights and residencies -- each riffing on Hi-Fi's theme -- that will star a host of veteran Scottsdale selectors and familiar faces.

Thump Day's dance night will be called Throwback Thursdays and feature 104.7 mixmaster Aaron Taylor dropping Top 40 and dance hits. Fridays, however, will be the domain of electro-house king DJ Decipha and his "High Voltage" night, followed by "Amplified Chaos" with MCB on Saturdays.

Freddy "Circle" Krems and DJ Convince will tag-team the decks and offer house music aplenty for Static Sundays while Steven "Slippe" Lueder (who's been busy as of late with his Drunk Dial side project) takes over Wednesday nights.

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