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Second Suspect Arrested in Clubhouse Music Venue Shooting

Officials from the Tempe Police Department recently arrested a second suspect in connection with the now-infamous shootings that took place outside of the Clubhouse Music Venue earlier this year.

According to documents from Maricopa County Superior Court obtained by Up on the Sun, Tempe cops apprehended Bryston Zavion Ware a few weeks back in connection with the gun battle that erupted in the parking lot outside of the now-closed East Valley concert hall and injured 16 people just prior to a Nipsey Hussle concert on March 2.

The 22-year-old was taken into custody on October 17 at his mother's home located near 16th Street and Roeser Road in South Phoenix.

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Per court documents, Ware was indicted on October 12 by a grand jury on multiple counts of aggravated assault, endangerment, and assisting a criminal syndicate in connection with the Clubhouse Music Venue shooting.

Tempe Police previously arrested 19-year-old Raynon Keswun Jones in the hours following the shooting in March.

Lieutenant Mike Horn, a department spokesperson, told Up on the Sun that a police officials are still looking for third suspect in the shooting and are currently "looking into several leads" regarding a specific person of interest.

While Horn was unable to confirm if Ware was a member of the South Phoenix Vista Bloods, Maricopa County Superior Court documents state that Ware, who has lived in both Phoenix and Atlanta within the past year, is a documented gang member (although a specific gang isn't mentioned) and has been arrested on several occasions for burglary and weapons charges since he was a juvenile.

According to the Fulton County Court records (and a few mugshot websites online), he was also arrested in January in the ATL for an alleged assault.

Ware was eventually released from Fourth Avenue Jail following his arrest last month after pleading not guilty plea and posting a $175,000 appearance bond. A trial date is pending.

Meanwhile, court proceedings in regards to Jones, who was released from custody over the summer after posting bond, have been going through some tumultuousness in recent months. The 19-year-old recently was granted a new defense counsel (after his previous attorneys withdrew from the case for unspecified reasons) and has requested a continuance in the case, which was originally set for trial last week.

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