Seven Nights of DJs and Dancing

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El Reventon: Hip-Hop Tuesdays with DJ Big Latin (hip-hop)

Fat Tuesday: A Case of the Tuesdays with DJs Kodama & Chromatest (breaks)

Glam: Get Down On It with DJs Kevin The Makeout Bandit, & Caty (disco, funk, soul, R&B, indie)

Paper Heart: DJ Seduce's "P.A.I.N.T." (experimental, jazz fusion, funk)

Rogue East: Rendevous feat. Jesse & Luis (various)

Rogue West: Moth with DJ Nick Phit (goth, trance, metal)

Stray Cat: Take Me Back Tuesdays with DJs Señior Phat E, T3PO, Idolize the MC & guests (old-school hip-hop, funk, soul)

Wednesday 6
Acme Bar: DJ Switch (Top 40, rock)

AZ 88: DJ Johnny Rogers (super soul, dub)

Cafe Carumba: Embargo Wednesdays with DJ Tranzit & Eric DC (house)

Cherry Lounge: DJ Steel (rock, '80s, old-school, hip-hop)

Coach & Willies: SEEN! Wednesdays (jungle, drum 'n' bass)

Coyote Hill: DJs Alex SantaMaria, & Cedric Caballos (hip-hop, Top-40)

e4: International Rumba Remix (international)

Glam: DJ Jon Thayer (various)

Graham Central Station: DJs Gonzo (retro), Mike (hip-hop), & Cowboy Craig (country)

Homme: Resurrection with DJ Noiz.Fkr (goth, industrial)

Hurricane Bay: DJ MD (Top 40, retro)

Karamba: Retro Wednesdays (retro Latin dance, Top 40, hip-hop, reggaeton)

Library: DJ Diesel (hip-hop, rock, hop mash-ups, remixes)

Redfish: DJ Benny Hill (hip-hop, dance)

Scorch Bar: DJ Big Latin (hip-hop)

SIX: La Femme with DJ Mikyl (house, Top 40, hip-hop)

Stray Cat: BANNED in Tempe with DJ Johnny Volume, & guests (punk, reggae, hardcore)

Suede: DJs Circle (Top 40, dance, hip-hop)

Tavern on Mill: DJ Adrenaline (Top 40, hip-hop)

Upstairs Bar: Sadisco's _* (industrial, EBM, noise, electronic, harsh dance)

Willow House: Djentrification & Peso One (various rarities)

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