Seven Nights of DJs and Dancing

Thursday 9

AZ/88: Black Out Thursdays with Josh 1 (soulful house, lounge)

Crescent Ballroom: Discothèque Thursdays with Sean Watson, Hoodwink, & more (disco)

Dollhouse: Ladies Night Thursdays feat. DJ Design (various)

Hanny's: Freestyle Thursdays with Mark 5 (rare groove, funk)

Margarita Rocks: Thirsty Thursday with DJ Steel (Top 40, rock)

Old Town Whiskey: Classic Album Thursdays (retro)

Roxy Lounge: Groove Candy with DJ M2, DJ Fresh 85, & guests (neo-soul, hip-hop)

School of Rock: UK Thursdays/Pheosia Films Bash with We Bang, Fuhnetik, Toon Town, & Luminox (dubstep, drum 'n' bass, UK garage)

Smashboxx: Smashboxx Thursdays with DJ Cobra (various)

SoChu House: Mode Thursdays with DK Strickler, Dr. Drea, Anthony "HartBreaks" Hart, & Erik "Riot Earp" King (global, deep vibes, house)

Spanish Fly: Dip Thursdays with Sean Essex, & 2ToneDisco (house)

Tavern on Mill: Dropout Thursdays with DJayT3 and the BoomSquad (Top 40, hip-hop, rock, dance)

The Vig: BackYard Beatz World Music Night (world)

Vintage Lounge & Grill: Vintage Vegas Thursdays with DJ NYC (Top 40, hip-hop, rock, dance)

Yucca Tap Room: The Blunt Club with O.P.E.X, Reflekshin, & Pickster One (hip-hop)

Friday 10

American Junkie: DJ Earth (Top 40, rock, dance, electro)

Anderson's Fifth Estate: Club Boomerang! with DJ Forge, & DJ Nylon ('80s, '90s)

Axis/Radius: Republic Fridays with DJ Soloman (Top 40, dance)

AZ/88: Fluid Fridays with DJ Akshen (soul, jazz, old school)

Bar Smith: Sticky Fingers with One Man Party/Steve of Soulwax, William Fucking Reed, Prince$$, Death to the Throne, J. Paul, 2ToneDisco, Pickster One, Bigie, & Hunnycut (indie, Britpop, rock)

Dollhouse: Dollhouse Fridays with DJ Cobra (various)

Dos Gringos (Scottsdale): DJ Switch (Top 40, remixes, house)

El Santo Cantina: Friday Sunset Sessions (various)

The Firehouse Bar & Grill: DJ Sonny (house, remixes, Top 40)

Flight Lounge: Foreplay Fridays (hip-hop, Top 40, R&B, reggae)

Hanny's: Make it Funky Fridays with Josh 1 (rare groove, old school)

Lost Leaf: Djentrification (obscura, rarities, eclectic)

Mabel's on Main: Eclectique Edition with Ian Frost, World Famous Rani G., & more (house, world beats)

Majerle's Old Town: HD Fridays with DJ John Blaze, DJ Essence, DJ What, & DJ Illmatic (Top 40)

Nacho Mamas: Social Fridays with DJ Ramon (Top 40)

Oceans 7: Privileged Fridays with DJ Dario, & DJ Kyko (various)

Olive & Ivy: DJ Proper Villain (nu-disco, house, dance)

Sevens Lounge: Fusion Fridays with DJ Spragga, DJ Dark Vader, DJ Skilzz, & DJ 4Play (hip-hop, R&B)

Smashboxx: Friday Night Lights with DJ Thomas James (various)

Stray Cat: WTFunk? Fridays with DJ Marvel, & guests (hip-hop)

Tavern on Mill: DJ Sterling (Top 40, hip-hop, rock, dance)

Wild Knight: Sound Kitchen with Zedd (house, trance, pop)

Saturday 11

AZ/88: Mark 5 (rare groove, funk, trip-hop)

Bar Smith: Solstice Saturdays with Senbad, Pete Salaz, Robby Rob, DJ M2, Bigie, Mane One, Alkeme, & Hunnycut (house, soul)

Bikini Lounge: So Tough! So Cute! with Borismo (rock)

Catalina Sports Bar: DJ Groove-Anthony (classic hip-hop, dub)

FilmBar: The Palace with Djentrification, & guests (world beats)

Hanny's: Selecta Saturdays with Josh 1, & DJ Akshen (various)

Hidden House: DJs Al Page, Kim E. Fresh, & DN3 (hip-hop, funk)

Lounge at Crescent Ballroom: DJ Sean Watson (various)

The Monarch Theatre: Identity Festival's Hometown Heroes DJ Competition Finals (various)

Oaxaca Restaurant: DJ Tranzo (Top 40, R&B, hip-hop, throwbacks)

Olive & Ivy: Jonny Rogers (indie, house, worldbeat)

Rips Ales & Cocktails: Obscura with DJ Roya, & DJ Funkfinger (indie, New Wave, Britpop)

Rogue Bar: Cupcake's Hell Kitty Party with DJs Self.Destrukt, Defense.Mekanizm, Tommy "LSDJ" Suftko, & Beautiful John (New Wave)

The Saguaro: The Life Aquatic feat. Sean Watson, William Fucking Reed, & Anthony "HartBreaks" Hart (rock)

Sanctum: Doom Disco with Noiz.Fkr, & DJ AKA (darkwave, post-punk, witch house, retro alternative, shoegaze, death rock, trip-hop)

Smashboxx: DJ Kurch (various)

Talking Stick: Release Pool Party with DJ Don Lynch (Top 40, dance)

Venue of Scottsdale: Fetish Heat 2012 (industrial, EBM, hard rock)

The Vig Uptown: DJ Tranzlator (mash-ups, old school, rock)

Sunday 12

Clarion Scottsdale Hotel: Firehouse Pool Party (electro, house)

El Santo Cantina: Sol Therapy with DJ Nameless (Top 40, rock)

The Firehouse: D-JR (electro, house, Top 40, club bangers, remixes)

The Saguaro Hotel: The Life Aquatic (various)

Talking Stick: Release Pool Party with DJ Fashen (hip-hop)

Monday 13

Barney's Boathouse: Motorboat Monday with DJ Earth (Top 40)

Crave: Shake Mondays (electro, Top 40, dance)

Dollhouse: Monday Night Mass (various)

Zuma Grill: Toxic Mondays with DJ Circle (various)

Tuesday 14

Bikini Lounge: 602'sdays with DJentrification (rock, indie, dance)

Lost Leaf: The Rewind (hip-hop, funk, electro, dance)

Yucca Tap Room: The Final Delinquency! with DJ Johnny Volume, & guests (rock, punk, hardcore, garage, ska)

Wednesday 15

Bar Smith: Mark "Ellery" Leach, Frank Mendez, & guests (indie)

Hanny's: Rock Steady Wednesdays with JonnY Rogers (R&B, funk)

Rockbar Inc.: DubRock with DJ Michael Hagen (progressive dance)

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