Shining Soul Release Party - The Lost Leaf - Friday, November 22

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The venue, which is also one of the arts district's most popular hangouts, always attracts an eclectic crowd, which allowed Shining Soul to not only perform for their followers but also to get their militant message of revolutionary struggle out in front of a crowd of scenesters who otherwise would probably never hear it.

DJ Reflekshun got the growing crowd moving with some hip-hop jams, and The Lost Leaf's "stage area" doubled as a dance floor while host Michelle Ponce of Mujeres Del Sol encouraged the crowd to dance.

The first act up was Shining Soul's direct tour support I.D., who got the house moving with a more partyish vibe than the politically motivated Shining Soul. "The energy was really good," he said. "Once you get that connection with the crowd and they start dancing and they're kind of bouncing around you're kind of like vibrating off that, you know what I mean? There was really good energy in there that made for good energy for me."

I.D. spent the last five days on the road with Liaison and his running buddy, Bronze Candidate, as part of the Sonic Smash Tour. "We've had a relationship for a while; they recorded some tracks at my studio the Green Room. When they went on tour and they said they needed a roadie I was like, yeah, cool. Just happy to be there for the trip and rock wit them."

But while on the road with Liaison and Bronze Candidate, AKA Alex Soto and Franco Habre, I.D. saw the difference in the club hip-hop fans and those who rock with Shining Soul. "I just saw how supportive the fans were for Shining Soul, and it was so dope that they could share their platform with me or let me get on it and get a platform that I can rock on too," he said.

Habre shares this sentiment with I.D. describing their reception in Tucson, Las Cruces, and Albuquerque as a "a home-cooked embrace."

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