Shira E., Glass Popcorn, Straight Straws - Trunk Space - 8/9/2013

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Wednesday night marked his first performance since dropping his recent Tw!nk Privilege mixtape, and the new stuff feels really focused and flows well. There was a confrontational energy to his set, as he was jocularly pushing people around, but I assumed they were all members of the real-life equivalent of his Google+ circle and were okay with it. I am actually really happy that, as someone outside this group of people, none of this hostility was directed toward me, because I really do not want to be put in the bizarre situation of being rough-housed by a 17-year-old. There are boundaries to everyone's circles, and it seems Mr. Popcorn respects that.

Following Glass Popcorn was Straight Straws. This band is the project of a person who is in my circle, Ben Nandin, so I do have some kind of unstated license to push him around in my critique of his performance, but for the most part I thought it was pretty good. He did a short solo set of sort of noodly guitar pop with live sampling and looping.

One of the songs had lyrics about "making it in Cottonwood", which I assume is about that one town to the north of here in the Verde River basin. With folksy geographical references and intricate, but not too baroque of guitar work, I think Straight Straws will probably be an interesting local band to watch develop.

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