Sith Lords Prepare to Take Downtown Phoenix Dance Night

Sith Lords Prepare to Take Downtown Phoenix Dance Night

Phoenix Comicon may have wrapped up, but downtown is still abuzz with nerd culture as Rob Poe, a.k.a. DJ Tristan Iseult, and his cohorts prepare for Haxan: Dark Lords of the Sith dance night at Club DWNTWN in downtown Phoenix on Friday, June 5. 

Organizers are billing the evening as “a doomed discotheque that embraces the dark side of the force,” with two rooms of music featuring the DJ skills of Poe and Plastic Disease in the main room, to referred to as Korriban for the evening. Also on the bill are Dark Mark, Apollynon, Angel Toxin, and special guest the REV DJ RaZorslave from Las Vegas in the backroom, to be called the Jedi Temple.

The cover is $8, costumes are encouraged, and the event is 21 and up until 2 a.m., when it switches to 18 and up. But before the doors open and everyone takes a trip to a galaxy far, far away, Poe talked Star Wars with us.

New Times: How did the idea of a Star Wars-themed goth dance night come about?

Rob Poe: With the recent move to the larger venue setup at Club DWNTWN, which has 2 rooms, and with Comicon landing the week before, I thought it would be a timely theme. Also there's already a lot of hype around the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII film. So these made a good excuse to justify indulging in the dark side. A dance night with an overtly dark occult theme, Haxan lends itself well to Sith fandom, given the themes of dark magic, necromancy, mysticism, and technological alchemy in Sith storylines.

Who are your five favorite Star Wars characters?

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Visas Marr, Darth Maul, Asajj Ventress, Darth Krayt, Darth Nihl. My reason for making the event dark side-centric are obvious in my choices.

On a scale of one to 10, how big of a Star Wars fan are you, with one being you only saw the movies and 10 being toys, novels, TV shows, costumes, and conventions?

I'd say I'm a solid 8.

Do you like your Han Solo as the Han that shot first or second?

Han shot first.

Which Sith lord do you identify most with?

Typically, various apprentices and rogue Sith Lords (with the exception of Darth Krayt because he did away with the ridiculous law of two). I don't think there is anyone I wholly attach myself to. I just really love Sith lore and the rejection of Jedi asceticism.

Which is your favorite movie?

Empire Strikes Back. Though I have to say something blasphemous and remark that I actually don't particularly like the Anakin/Vader storyline nor George Lucas' direction. I'm quite happy he isn't heading up the next film. I'm much more partial to the extended universe in comics, novels, and video games.

How do you as a DJ go about choosing your Star Wars-themed set? What are you planning on playing?

Well, I've billed the music as a soundtrack for the modern Sith Lord, so it's a hybrid of our occult-themed darkwave, industrial, witch house, and synth-based music and the Star Wars costumed theme. I think the music format as it normally is already is an excellent complement and background for a room of Siths and dark Jedis (though we won't turn away light side-inspired force users).

Would a Star Wars fan who's not into goth be into this party?

I would think so. The goth scene tends to be very open to cosplay and themed events of a dark nature, so I think Star Wars fans would feel very comfortable joining the party. We welcome everyone with open arms provided they don't disrupt other people's ability to enjoy themselves. Plus I don't think there is a specific music that goes along with Star Wars (apart from orchestral scores), so I think people would take fondly to our specific soundtrack for the Sith.

Are you making the décor at the venue more Star Wars-like or are the costumes being relied on to set the mood?

There will be some fun little Star Wars additions to the regular décor I add to the venue, though I'd prefer for the setting to feel more like what a Sith temple would be like, which the club itself is perfect for, with its industrial and dark atmosphere. Actually, now that I think about it more, the club reminds me of some of the Sith temple environments in the older Knights of the Old Republic games.

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