SIX Lounge Returns Later This Year

The past six months have been pretty brutal if you happen to be a nightlife proprietor in Scottsdale. In addition to Sugar Daddy's shutting its doors (and its former owner getting sent to the pokey), the list of establishments that have flatlined since the start of the year is pretty lengthy, including such one-time hotspots as Barcelona, Lyte Lounge, Maloney's, and Pink Taco going belly up.

And until recently, SIX Lounge had a prime spot on said roll call of deceased nightspots, as the Stetson Drive swanketeria closed its doors in April after a dispute with its landlord. But thanks to its original owner Steve McDonald (who also used to run the nearby Geisha a Go Go), SIX will be going from R.I.P. to V.I.P. status sometime this fall.

The cats over at AZ Central are reporting that the ultra lounge (which originally opened in 2001) will be back in the Old Town mix no later than October. Plans are afoot for a new design scheme and some new nights, which will (hopefully) draw in the usual upscale clientele and celebutantes.

Let's hope the drinks are more affordable this time 'round ($8 for a Rockstar vodka? Sheesh).

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