Sleigh Bells, Ejecta - Crescent Ballroom - 4/9/14

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Ejecta, a small girl with homegrown bleached blonde hair and a white guitar smeared in Halloween blood, gave the night the ideal context. Her soft, doe-like voice floated into drum machine beats and angelic chords traced with reverb.

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She carried into a track with a kicking bass, resonating like a Ritalin comedown. Ejecta interjected a series of synth drops juxtaposed against static-heavy guitar.

Ejecta's set almost felt filtered through toy amplifiers via a Kate Bush structure, and this actually made it more attractive. If only the people behind me weren't fucking talking! I moved to the other side of the stage, but everyone was chatting there too! Someone needs to bring a Taser to these things.

I noticed Sleigh Bells had some gigantic amps. This worried me because I had volunteered my earplugs to a cute girl in front of me. Plus, obviously these venues have to turn the volume up to an 11 to drown out the morons who think they're in a movie or something. Thanks, Crescent!

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