Slipknot, Slayer, Metallica: The Most Anticipated Metal Albums of 2014

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Down TITLE: TBA RELEASE DATE: TBA Down released the first part of their EP series in 2012 with Down IV Part 1: The Purple EP, and the band has finished the next installment. In a recent interview with Anselmo, he said that they already have about 12 tracks that kick ass, and they are in the process of finishing the album. This will be Down's first release to feature Honky guitarist Bobby Landgraf, who replaced Kirk Windstein late last year after he left to focus on his main project Crowbar.

Emmure TITLE: TBA RELEASE DATE: March/April Controversial deathcore band Emmure spent last year touring the hell out of the world, and any down time was dedicated to working on new material. What gets me excited is that they are planning this new album to be even more brutal than 2012's Slave to the Game.

EyeHateGod TITLE: TBA RELEASE DATE: TBA After drummer Joey LaCaze died unexpectedly last August (one of the biggest tragedies in heavy metal last year), fans weren't sure what was going to become of EyeHateGod for the first time in 13 years. Then EyeHateGod revealed that Missing Mountains / Mountain of Wizard drummer Aaron Hill was the sludge act's new man behind the kit.

Guitarist Jimmy Bower has affirmed that Joey would have never wanted the band to quit playing. So instead of sitting around bummed out, they decided to get into a room and learn as much as they could. They've got 22 songs, and they are stoked.

Gojira TITLE: TBA RELEASE DATE: TBA Gojira's 2012 album L'Enfant Sauvage had such dramatic intensity that it was somehow poetic in the world of metal. The French technical thrash metal act has stated that they are definitely putting out a new album this year. There's been talk that it is something they are going to release to help the anti-whaling ship Sea Shepherd raise money.

Gorgoroth TITLE: Instinctus Bestalis RELEASE DATE: April 2014 Norwegian death metal pioneers Gorgoroth finished recording their newest album in December 2012. The eight tracks were done by lineup Atterigner (vocals), Infernus (guitars), Bøddel (bass) and Asklund (drums.)

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