Southwest Terror Fest Brings Extreme Metal to Arizona

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"I'm so proud to live in a country where I can organize a four-day punk and metal fest with a giant inverted cross on our artwork without being hauled before some religious court and thrown into prison. I mean, that happens to 'metal' people in some parts of the world. So no matter how hard it is, I couldn't be prouder of this project."

When it came time to select the lineup the organizers mostly went after the bands they wanted to see on the bill, rather than waiting for bands to reach out to them. "Every year we go in with a wishlist of bands that we want to play. For instance, when I saw Sacred Reich at Maryland Deathfest this year," David Rodgers says, "I knew I wanted to base one night around them. We paired them with an Arizona band like Landmine Marathon. [And] a lot of people love Red Fang and Kylesa, and they are two of our personal favorite bands, so when we had the chance to book them we ran with it."

More than 60 bands on the bill cover the majority of extreme metal genres--from punk and hardcore to sludge and thrash to grindcore and black--so feel free to pick your poison. The event features even more national headlining acts than last year, including legends like Sacred Reich and Vehemence, along with Kylesa, Red Fang, Demon Lung, Ancestors, Subrosa, Landmine Marathon, Early Graves, Pinkish Black, Anakim, Sovereign, and others, and a long line of newer underground acts.

"This is the first year we're playing Southwest Terror Fest," says Sacred Reich drummer Greg Hall. "I'm excited to see Red Fang play. We played with them in Finland and endured a four-hour van ride to the airport with them. They are fun guys."

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