Star Wars, Haunted Houses and First Friday Over the Weekend

Star Wars: In Concert at Arena: Lucasfilm Ganks More Money Outta Geekdom For the past three decades, the "Great Bearded One" has been on a Jedi-like quest to separate Star Wars fans from their paychecks by any means necessary. His unabashed over-licensing has even exceeded Krusty the Clown-like levels of hucksterism at times, as evidenced by such WTF? merchandise as green-friendly organic products from a galaxy far, far away...full story

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Haunted House Review: Arizona's Original Scream Park Arizona's Original Scream Park has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the best Halloween attractions in the Valley. All four sections of this classic haunt are long, though inconsistently staffed. We loved two of the houses (3-D Fear Factory and Goldminers Revenge) but the other two were understaffed, leaving us bored enough to try scaring other people in our group at some points...full story

First Friday: The Walking Dead, Ghostbusters and Best of Phoenix on Display Arizona Ghostbusters took donations for Multiple Sclerosis and rewarded generous First Friday patrons by painting them up like zombies and parading them around 5th Street and Roosevelt. Meanwhile, the [merz] Project was bustling with other First-Fridayers checking out the Wonderland exhibit featuring art from this year's Best of Phoenix issue...see photos

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Jonathan McNamara