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What's on the Brothers Grimm's minds most of all these days is grabbing a contract. "I think our lives are ruled around a record deal," admits Bowers. "We all pretty much have a one-track mind."

Indeed, the Brothers seem willing to do almost anything short of selling out their music for a spot on a major label. The Grimms display a surprising amount of concern over their image, a stark and baffling contrast to their uncompromising hard-core sound. Bowers and Bradford repeatedly ask that an old press photo showing them minus their fashionable facial hair not accompany this story.

The Brothers' Scottsdale gangsta persona fully reveals itself, though, when they're asked to name the first thing they'll buy with their advance money if and when they're signed.

"I'm gonna go buy my mom something," says Bradford.
"I'm gonna buy my family a new carpet," adds Bowers, as if on cue. "My parents have done so much and put up with me for so many years doing crazy stuff, if I get anything monetary, it's gotta go to them first."
Graves, it seems, is the only Brother prepared to start living the life of a true hip-hop god. His first purchase? "I want a pound of hydroponic weed," he says dreamily.

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